BioMedica Diagnostics是一家專注於為全球人類和動物健康領域提供定製的加拿大公司。 biomedicadiagnostics ACTICHROME®肝素(抗FXA)檢測 ACTICHROME® HEPARIN (ANTI-FXA) ASSAY 產品描述 通過測量因子Xa抑製來定量測定人血漿中未分級和低分子量肝素的三階段生色測定法。 抗凝血酶III(ATIII)對血漿中因子IIa(凝血酶),因子Xa(fXa)和其他凝血絲氨酸蛋白酶的抑製作用通過肝素增加數千倍。這種抑製作用解釋了肝素的抗凝血作用。 在階段,允許患者樣品中的肝素與ATIII反應。在**階段,形成的肝素-ATIII複合物與過量的fXa反應。在後階段,殘留的fXa活性水解fXa特異性生色底物SPXROZYME®fXa。殘餘fXa活性的量與患者血漿中的肝素濃度成反比。

Our Focus Providing custom, affordable diagnostic solutions in the global, human and animal health arenas. Working hard to lower costs, reducing and mitigating risks to all stakeholders, we develop the tools needed for research, education, and In Vitro diagnostics. We are nimble and adaptive with expertise in R&D, collaborative research, product development and manufacturing, and pilot lot development and scale-up.

With products and technologies in over 70 countries, BioMedica brings innovation, quality, and affordable diagnostic solutions to an ever-growing group of international partners focused on helping to improve patient outcomes in the fields of Haemostasis and Thrombosis. By collaborating with global researchers and practitioners we help you to drive innovation in health care by bringing diagnostic products and technology to the forefront of medical research in human and animal health. Developing the tools you need for research, education and In Vitro diagnostics Our 49,000 square foot facility provides fully-automated manufacturing, dispensing, and freeze-drying for any sized contract, and for custom manufacturing of OEM, bulk and intermediary materials, as well as custom labeling. BioMedica is nimble and adaptive, with expertise in R&D, collaborative research, product development, and manufacturing.


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