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Innovative Research Human Urine  Products

Of f e r i n g a r a n g e of Human Urine Products We understand that biologicals are at the heart of research, and know how important it is to find the exact biofluids necessary for a given research application. Our human urine products are highly-specific and are designed to meet exacting research needs. From standard single donor and pooled varieties for use as controls to specialized products that are filtered, stripped, or preserved, we’ve got you covered. We also offer a range of specificities including age, condition, disease-state, and THC-positive urine samples. Working with you to set up prospective collections ensures that your materials are collected to your specifications and delivered on schedule.

Products Available Include: • Single Donor Human Urine • Pooled Human Urine • Filtered, Stripped, and Preserved Options • Postmenopausal or Pediatric Urine • Pregnancy Urine (First, Second, Third Trimester) • Disease State Urine (Type I & II Diabetes) • THC Positive Human Urine

Single Donor or Pooled Our human urine products are available in single donor and pooled varieties. We are able to accommodate most demographic and collection requests, and we can also create custom pooled lots to match your research specifications.

Anonymized for Research When it comes to sourcing human biofluids for research use, we’ve got you covered. Our human urine samples ship with basic demographic information, as available (age, gender, etc) but are not personally-identifiable and remain anonymous.